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Complete Dentures

We are happy to take the responsibility of providing you a new set of teeth because, we realize this new denture will transform your life, useful to eat healthy food, to chew nicely, look pleasant and speak with confidence, above all to maintain the overall well being of that person.

Complete Dentures are one of the most convenient and easiest ways to give structure to your face, jaws and define your complete look. While being aesthetically pleasing, complete dentures are probably the most affordable treatment for replacing all the teeth in one go.

Also, the process takes the shortest time possible (in case of real need 24hrs) and hence, in our opinion, is a very good idea to go for, if you want to give yourself a completely defined and novel look. At VS Dental, you will get the best quality complete dentures in Coimbatore, with a team of experts assisting you throughout.

In general, most of the denture wearers remain unhappy with their dentures. But with Dr.Vijayaragavan’s 13 years of experience, he realized the need for a good denture to maintain overall health. His passion for customizing the denture for his patient makes him dedicated to delivering well fitting, aesthetically pleasing functional dentures, thereby improving the patient’s future nourishment and health.

We create:

Immediate Dentures (Single Day)

When there is a need, we make the dentures before removing the remaining teeth and then insert the dentures immediately after extraction. So he/she will leave VS dental with a new set of teeth. After complete healing of the tissues, new dentures will be made. Hence there is no need to go home teeth less.

BPS Dentures (Biofunctional Prosthetic System)

Biofunctional Prosthetic System

A new generation complete denture system with the advantages of excellent adaptation to the jaw structures, reduces movement of the dentures while speaking, laughing and eating. Thereby increases the self-confidence and reduces the fear of slipping dentures in public.

Its solid dense material gives the advantage of good hygiene without any bad odor.

BPS denture system uses high-quality teeth set and a base material which bonds to each other very well.

A Negligible amount of monomer release compared to the conventional dentures make these more biocompatible.

Future relining and rebasing of dentures are also possible to improve the fit after few years.

Conventional Dentures

Economical dentures can be made with different teeth and denture base combinations. Good impressions favorable bone and salivary flow combined with our good technical effort we make well fitting conventional dentures.

Metal Base Dentures

Metal base dentures Metal base dentures

Titanium and Cobalt chromium bases in the upper denture reduce functional deformation and thrust to the supporting tissues which are more likely to occur in the anterior part of the maxilla.

The rigidity and fracture resistance of these metal bases have several other added advantages like excellent strength, good adaptation to the supporting tissues, enhanced control of denture plaque, high thermal conductivity, high biocompatibility, minimal dimensional changes over time through fluid absorption, it does not interfere with the phonation due to its decreased bulk which also makes the denture lightweight and more comfortable.

Flexible Unbreakable Dentures

Still, the debate is on, whether to choose flexible denture base for complete dentures or not. But the laboratories and few dentists use the flexible denture base for its esthetics and unbreakable nature.


We use the natural teeth and construct dentures over the teeth which help to hold the denture better. But in the recent days, because of the implant overdentures are more simplified and implants supported overdentures are made with ease.

Future Enhancements


Dental Implant supported removable and fixed teeth are possible if you have the desire to proceed with dental implants. We provide very simple, economical cement-retained fixed teeth, as well as highly sophisticated screw, retained milled zirconium bridges. Our advantages are, we own and use four types of implant systems to cater different needs of our patients.

As technically different implant systems are needed to fulfill the technical requirements of different clinical situations. We have digital OPG (full mouth radiograph) installed at our center to help us plan the treatment in a considerably short period of time, thereby eliminating the patients need of traveling to a scan center for the same OPG.

digital OPG


The mere fact that our policy is patient-focused ensures that we deliver the best possible results to you. Our policy combined with the friendly attitude of our doctors will ensure all your needs and requirements are met so that you have a pleasant visit here.

Apart from this, our modern technology and multiple choices ensure that the tracing of your dental structure is done efficiently enough, so much that you will most probably face no problems in the future.

Once again, our location and its close proximity to the Mettupalayam Road make it easier for you to reach us anytime.