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PERIODONTAL DISEASE (Gums Infection, Pyorrhoea)

The major reason for tooth loss is because of its painless nature, it is not treated in time. Periodontal disease is one such.

Most of the complete denture patients (who have lost all teeth) are 90% of the Indian population affected by periodontal disease (gum disease) but very few are treated to save their teeth.

This is because of the silent nature of the disease.

Gingival bleeding (gum bleeding while brushing or while spitting), bad breath, tooth mobility (loose teeth), recurrent gum swelling and presence of deposits along with progressive spacing between the teeth are alarming signs and symptoms of the gum disease.


GINGIVITIS – Infection involving only the gums, which has not destroyed the bone around the teeth. It is a reversible situation, once treated and maintained properly the disease may not progress.


We, at VS Dental, understand that every once in a while, that gum pain will probably take all your sleep away. You are lucky if you’ve never experienced such pain, but if you have, then you know exactly what we are talking about. The reasons behind that shooting gum pain or any other gum related issue can be many. They range from bad oral hygiene to organic changes in the mouth. Even medical conditions such as diabetes are fully capable of harming your gums.

FUN FACT TO TAKE NOTE OF: Teeth grinding or clenching also possess the potential to impair the gum tissues leading to a lot of gum problems.

Hence, we at VS Dental are here to help you with any issues you have with respect to your gums and thereby provide you a world class periodontal (gum) treatment in Coimbatore.


Gum treatment in Coimbatore has become way easier with our experienced bunch of doctors. Doctors like Dr.V.S.Vijayaragavan, who did his MDS in Periodontology and Oral Implantology (2003) is the one spearheading our dental care center. He is one of the most preferred periodontist here in Coimbatore and people not just from India but all over the world visit our center to be treated by him.

Being a periodontist, specialist for periodontal (gum) care, his treatment planning, and further management along with post-treatment maintenance is excellent.

He is an expert, experienced and well equipped to provide

He is also specialized in pretty much all sorts of endodontic surgeries.


We can confidently say that we are one of the best dental care clinics you’ll find near you. Before anything else, it is our policy to satisfy the patient and ensure that a proper treatment is offered. This has earned our doctors a group of loyal patients over the years that we have been operating for. Again, the availability of all the modern technology helps us in ensuring that you get the best possible treatment for your dental problems. Our doctors ensure that your visit here is pleasurable and you get the absolute best of gum treatment in Coimbatore.

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