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Root Canal Treatment

At VS Dental we have skilled expertise in advanced forms of dental treatments like Root Canal & Crowns in Coimbatore, Thudiyalur. We also provide well-fitting and natural shade crowns for better esthetic teeth. If you worry about the pain root canal treatments & crowns might cause, you can relax, as you will be under local anesthetics during the entire process so it is very minimal or nil pain.


Our expertise in Root Canal & Crowns, but not limited to, are:

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When your tooth is decayed owing to large cavities or infection, VS Dental recommends going for a root canal treatment, especially when you can save the tooth from complete extraction with this process. It is quick, long-lasting, and relatively painless.

At VS Dental our Root canal treatments & crowns are done by the following steps.

Crowns after the Root Canal Treatment

A crown is also known as a cap. It completely covers the real tooth. After root canal treatment, you may be required to use a crown as it helps prevent tooth fractures. Crowns are made using a ceramic material, metal or porcelain, and even powdered glass.

While fitting a crown:

Root canal treatments & crowns in Coimbatore are conducted by VS Dental in a successful manner so that your teeth are as good as new again within no time.


A crown requires a solid core to reinforce the tooth structure which can successfully resist all the forces that will be placed on it for many years.

When the tooth requires further such reinforcement we use posts to strengthen the remaining tooth structure.

If the tooth is not salvageable it is better to extract and replace (bridge, implant and partial dentures) which will give you long-standing results.implant and partial dentures) which will give you long-standing results.

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